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Third Party Logistics Solutions For Australian Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

3PL Australia: Welcome
Warehousing a part of 3PL


We Take Care of Your 3PL Warehousing Tasks So YOU Can Take Care of Your Business

Our valued customers outsource a variety of logistics tasks to OMNIA Logistics as their Third Party Logistics Provider (3PL) in Australia.

3PL services can be quite diverse, ranging from simple Storage, Order Fulfillment and Distribution, right the way through to more specialised 'Value Added Services'.

Extra storage space, an extra pair of hands or adding extraordinary value to your goods, OMNIA Logistics acts as the outsourced 3PL Warehouse extension of your business.

3PL Australia: Services
Warehouse worker taking stocks



Warehouse Solutions That Stack Up

OMNIA Logistics offers a diverse set of warehouse solutions, appropriate labour, and materials for all your warehousing needs. We can use your boxes and labels to handle order fulfilment or take care of new packaging solutions, kitting and relabelling.

For customers that don't have their own warehouse, we act as their extended warehouse team, delivering seamless and integrated warehouse services.

For customers who have their own facilities, OMNIA Logistics holds overflow/buffer stock, supports specific projects, and provides storage in interstate locations.

3PL Australia: Services
Person Taping Box at Warehouse


From 'Racked' to 'Packed'

For wholesalers and retailers, getting orders is always nice. However, once those orders have been placed, the products then need to be picked, packed, and dispatched efficiently, accurately and on time. This is where a 3PL comes in. But when in addition it is about reliability and flexibility in a 3PL provider, this is where OMNIA Logistics comes in.

Customers place orders with OMNIA Logistics. We then pick, pack and distribute the products, sending them to their final destination; within Australia or internationally, using the appropriate mode of transport.

Whether your business relies on E-Commerce, Phone or Email orders, tell us what you need and we take care of it.

3PL Australia: Services
Delivering value added services like relabelling


Vital Details That Make Things Flow Seamlessly

Value Added Services are all about the detail. They are crucial logistics tasks as little as branded labels or additional leaflets / giveaways in a parcel or as big as a lot of 500 packages kitted, relabelled and sent out overnight.

Our 3PL Value Added Service Solutions range from physical services, such as Kitting, Quality Control, Relabelling and Reverse Logistics/Returns to systems-based services, such as Automation, Visibility Tools and Trouble Shooting. There are many more tailored value added services that we can define and carry out for our customers as no small/medium-sized business is like any other. Just give us a call to discuss your specific needs. 

Our customers look at every angle to gain a competitive advantage in their industries. At OMNIA Logistics we put an unmatched amount of time into understanding our customer's business to identify the unique logistics services and processes and define the specific 3PL requirements. Ultimately it is our goal to improve a company's supply chain and overall performance. 

3PL Australia is not a one-size-fits-all service offering. Whether it's at origin (upstream) or at destination (downstream) we analyse the flow of goods and propose tasks that can be performed to improve logistics but also business efficiencies.

3PL Australia: Services
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