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International Freight Forwarding: Welcome
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From 'Out of Time' to 'Just In Time'

Whether your business routinely sends and receives products via air freight, or only in an emergency, let OMNIA Logistics take the controls. 

Some importers and exporters regularly use air freight goods due to the fast-moving nature of their goods or because they run Lean or 'Just In time' production schedules. 

Others only use Air Freight when they're out of time and nothing else will do. 

Whichever category your company is in, talk to OMNIA Logistics about the options available to you.  - We offer solutions to suit all timelines, budgets & commodities - Worldwide!

International Freight Forwarding: Services
Freight Shipping Containers


Your Port In A Storm

While sea freight is a slower mode of shipping than air freight, it's not always plain sailing. 

Sea freight involves specialised and sometimes tricky processes and procedures. Luckily OMNIA Logistics can decode it all for you. We know that a slower transit time doesn't make your deadlines any less urgent and so keep you updated every step of the way.

You could be shipping one pallet or several containers, you may have one trade lane or multiple - OMNIA Logistics will steer your goods on a steady course.

International Freight Forwarding: Services
Delivery Men


The Last Mile - Getting Your Goods Across The Line

We know the last mile is as important as the first.

Distribution by road, rail or air, we get your goods where they need to go. Considering time frames, the destination and the nature of your products, our team expedite the delivery of your consignments and keep you informed.

When everything hinges on completing deliveries in full and on time, OMNIA has your back. For deliveries to third parties, we act as an extension of your business giving you peace of mind.

Metro, suburban or remote, with OMNIA Logistics behind the wheel, you're in safe hands.

International Freight Forwarding: Services
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