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Moving Smoothly Across Borders

Formalities for moving goods across borders are integral to the international transportation of goods. 

Variations to sometimes complex processes and procedures can impact your business both in terms of cost and time.

To mitigate these risks, OMNIA Logistics retains an industry-leading panel of Customs Brokers and Trade Consultants. Together we help importers fulfil their obligations to Customs authorities and remain compliant.

Customs Clearance: Services
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Consistent, Compliant Declarations

The regulatory and statutory environment in which importers operate is continually changing. Guidelines and laws governing Customs Clearance of goods into Australia are shaped by economic, diplomatic and environmental factors. The ultimate aim is to protect the community and the environment.

In order to mitigate risks faced by importers bringing goods into Australia by Air Freight or Sea Freight, OMNIA Logistics engages Licensed Customs brokers to declare import consignments, protecting against potential financial or legal penalties for non conformance. 

We guide importers through the process of declaring imported goods into Australia - We let you know what's required, when it's required.

Customs Clearance for imports is a serious business, but we take care of it so you don't have to!

Customs Clearance: Services
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Digging Deep to Identify Savings

You don't need to be an existing OMNIA Logistics Customer for us to help you today.

Importers engage our Brokers to undertake full Customs Audits and Reviews, which can look at data from previous years.

Potential benefits include: identifying best practices in declaring your goods to Customs, ensuring compliance with Customs regulations, and identifying potential refunds and future savings.

Consider it a 'Customs Spring Clean'. Your business will be in better shape for it and you may even make some savings!

Customs Clearance: Services
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